Friday, 10th January – Friday after Epiphany

Reflection: Luke 5: 12-16


As we read about the life of Jesus in the gospels; we cannot but be amazed and challenged by His teachings, miracles and his approach to various situations. Today’s reading gives us an insight into Jesus’ source of strength – spending time with God alone. Despite his busy schedule and increasing demand among the people, Jesus made it a point of duty to spend time alone in prayer on a regular basis. Indeed, as his reputation grew, so did his devotion. What does Christ teach you and I through his prayer life?

As Christians, we cannot live the life of holiness to which we are called without spending time alone with God. Our personal time with God should not be taken out of the “left over” time after our daily pursuits instead it should be a priority that is constant, whether or not our days are busy. It is through this personal time with God, as we study His words and pray; that we draw strength and courage for each day and like Christ, we receive direction for any decision we need to make (Luke 6: 12-13).

My dear friend, do you desire to draw closer to God? Do you desire to honour Him with your youth? Do you desire to know him more? Fix a time, preferably early in the morning before you become preoccupied with the affairs of the day. Study your Bible; a good daily devotional will be helpful in directing your study. Spend time in prayer including praying your Rosary.

This sounds easier than it really is as it demands a lot of discipline but the key to it is perseverance. Never get discouraged even when you are unable to meet up with your time of prayer at one time or the other. Let it remain a priority and you will find out that each day spent in God’s presence will lead you to a closer friendship with Him.

PRAYER: Lord Jesus, I desire to draw closer to you. Please help me to spend time with you daily that I may receive strength and direction for each new day. Amen.


KNOW YOUR FAITH: YOUCAT 470 – What prompts a person to pray?

We pray because we are full of an infinite longing and God has created us men for himself: “Our hearts are restless until they rest in you” (St. Augustine). But we pray also because we need to; Mother Teresa says, “Because I cannot rely on myself, I rely on him, twenty-four hours a day.”

Often we forget God, run away from him and hide. Whether we avoid thinking about God or deny him—he is always there for us. He seeks us before we seek him; he yearns for us, he calls us…Praying is as human as breathing, eating, and loving. Praying purifies. Praying makes it possible to resist temptations. Praying strengthens us in our weakness. Praying removes fear, increases energy, and gives a second wind. Praying makes one happy.


HIDE A TREASURE                                                                                   

Have no anxiety about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let you requests be made known to GodPhilippians 4:6 RSV-CE

Readings for today: John 5: 5-13; Psalm 148: 12-15, 19-20; Luke 5: 12-16


2 thoughts on “ALONE WITH GOD

  1. This is a good job. Pls, keep it up. This kind of work needs sponsorship for monthly printed copy. It’s very good for morning devotion

    • Thank you so much. Monthly printed copies are actually available free of charge to Catholic youths. However, we still seek sponsors.
      Please check the”about CDY” tab on the blog for more information.

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