Wednesday, 15th January – Wednesday of week 1 of the year

Reflection: 1 Samuel 3:1-10.19-20


Prayer is a dialogue between man and God. When God speaks to his servants, it is the ability to listen even amidst numerous conversations and noisy environment that makes the difference. In human relationships, if there is a constant breach in communication and effective listening, there is a high tendency of separation. This is why God says that his own sheep would listen to his voice. (John 10:27).

Beloved in Christ, many times God wants to speak to us just as we converse with our friends but most of the time, we are not there. God spoke to Samuel when he was ministering to him in the presence of Eli. There could be no other place more suitable. In our Gospel reading of today (Mark 1:35), Jesus woke up long before dawn and went off to a lonely place where he prayed. Despite his closeness to the father, he never joked with the act of making out a suitable place to communicate with his father. Dear friend, God speaks to us because he loves and wants to come into our situations. As youths, we have a lot of unanswered questions about our life. Have we really taken time to deliberately create an atmosphere where God can speak to us without any distraction? What is our response when God initiates a dialogue with us? To be candid, this is the secret of a personal growth in relationship with God and the beauty of the Christian life.

Let us respond to God’s call in our lives and promptly live out his words as they come to us. Don’t keep God waiting but make out time to wait on him just as the Psalmist says (Ps 40:1), receiving His word which is His will for our lives.

Dear Friends, let us make a firm decision to daily have time to commune with God deep in our hearts in a quiet place. Remember God is knocking at the door of our hearts (Revelations 3:20)

PRAYER: Lord Jesus, please speak to my heart as I wait on you today. Amen

KNOW YOUR FAITH: YOUCAT 504 – What can a Christian accomplish through meditation?

In MEDITATION a Christian seeks silence so as to experience intimacy with God and to find peace in his presence. He hopes for the sensible experience of his presence, which is an undeserved gift of grace; he does not expect it, however, as the product of a particular technique of meditation.

HIDE A TREASURE: “More than once I have heard God say that power belongs to him and that his love is constant”. Psalm 62:11-12 GNB

Readings for Today: 1 Samuel 3:1-10.19-20; Psalm 40: 2, 5-10; Mark 1:29-39


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