Friday, 17th January – Friday of week 1 of the year

Memorial of Saint Anthony, Abbot

Reflection: 1 Samuel 8: 4-7, 10-22


Sometimes in our daily activities, we might notice a change in the way things are done, how people behave or a new trend of events in the environment. This can be so captivating and enticing that if care is not taken, we tend to make rash decisions to maintain the status-quo. This can be in terms of fashion, style of language, position, modern technology etc. Such rash decisions can create an environment that is not conducive for right living.

Dear friends, the Israelites lost sight of God, their savior and refuge  and gave in to hasty generalization of how they should be ruled. They rejected God because they wanted to be like the other nations who had Kings but had no regard  for the King of Kings. They were too blind spiritually to know God as their King and even despised God’s warning of their intended future King. (1 Samuel 8:10-18). Beloved in Christ, once we lose hold of God, we are open to countless options of superficial wants which the devil brings to us. Our walk of faith becomes a walk of fate. Carnality sets in and we become blind to God’s picture of a bright future for us.

 The people who brought the paralytic man to Jesus in the Gospel reading of today never lost sight of Jesus and their faith in the power of God. They knew the point where Jesus was even with the crowd. (Mark 2:4). The faith of these fellows was sustained by focus and thus deliverance was made available for them. (Ps 127:1).This puts to us that faith without focus and insight is limited. It would only recognize Jesus’ power but would be blind to Spirit’s direction.

Beloved, what gets our attention when we wake up in the morning? Is it Jesus or the worries which we think the day would bring? Keep Christ in view and never lose sight of his presence. Look up to him for direction and let his peace guide your decisions.

PRAYER: Lord Jesus, open my eyes to see your glorious presence that I might behold you every moment of my life. Reveal more and more of yourself to me in the Eucharist. Amen.

KNOW YOUR FAITH: CCC163 – Faith makes us taste in advance the light of the beatific vision, the goal of our journey here below. Then we shall see God “face to face”, as he is. So faith is already the beginning of eternal life.


“Happy are the pure in heart; they will see God.” Matthew 5:8 GNB

Readings for Today: 1 Samuel 8:4-7, 10-22; Ps 89:16-19; Mark 2:1-12


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