Monday, 3rd February – Monday of week 4 of the year

Reflection: Psalm 3:2-8


Knowing full well that following the narrow path that leads to life takes courage and focus, a child of God cannot but be sustained by a constant confession of the greatness of God and the acknowledgment of his power in us to lead a good life. (Philippians 2:13). Many a time we give in to worry and anxiety because of the challenges we experience and even the fear of those yet to come. Beloved, this stronghold and others which the devil uses to side track many followers of Christ must not be entertained in our lives.

A way out of this predicament is to remember God’s promises in His word. God’s word gives peace to our hearts and positions us to see beyond our afflictions. This is what the psalmist draws our attention to in our reading today. (Psalm 3:3). We are able to hold on to what endures forever (God’s word) rather than what is temporal (our difficulties). This gives us the courage to use all our challenges as stepping stones to behold God’s salvation.

Dear friends, let us identify areas of our lives that need a new horizon. Table it on the altar of God’s word and see for yourself what the Lord says about it. Do this until there is a repositioning in your spirit man. This comes with a joyful noise of victory which proceeds from our mouth. The Lord is our shield and our help. So lift up your head and press on into his words. This is our power and our deliverance.

PRAYER: Lord Jesus, please help me to see beyond my present challenges. Let your word reposition me to behold your power and saving grace. Amen.

KNOW YOUR FAITH: CCC 157 – Faith is certain. It is more certain than all human knowledge because it is founded on the very word of God who cannot lie. To be sure, revealed truths can seem obscure to human reason and experience, but “the certainty that the divine light gives is greater than that which the light of natural reason gives.” Ten thousand difficulties do not make one doubt”.

HIDE A TREASURE: “But you, O Lord are always my shield from danger, you give me victory and restore my courage”. Psalm 3:3 GNB

Readings for today: 2 Samuel 15:13-14, 30, 16:5-13; Psalm 3:2-8; Mark 5:1-20


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