Saturday, 15th February – Saturday of week 5 of the year

Reflection: Mark 8:1-10


The episode of the feeding of the four thousand people by Jesus in our reading today gives a lesson on how we can be fruitful followers of Christ. A true follower of Christ is the one who is ready to give up all he has for the sake of something more precious and glorious; the salvation of souls.

The seven loaves and few fish which the disciples gave out even when they knew they could not get any other food in the desert was a symbol of total denial of self and openness to God’s benevolence. Even though they might have been reluctant due to what their human sense says, God taught them a lesson of a life-time. The multiplication of bread in our reading today was made possible by two acts of Jesus which are

i)                    Compassion on the needs of people that led to total denial of self. (Mark 8:3)

ii)                  Thanksgiving to God on the note of the privilege given to him to give. (Mark 8:6)

Dear friend, bearing fruits for Christ is not dependent on how much we have to offer but on our sincerity in offering everything we have to God without counting the cost. This places before us the need to be sensitive to the needs of our neighbor and thankful, with faith in God’s power to do what we have requested from him.

Today, let us put more effort into witnessing for Christ by our exemplary way of living and professing our faith. This is God’s call on us and a mission for all Christians.

PRAYER: Lord Jesus, help me always to be sensitive to the needs of my neighbor. May my offering of love be acceptable unto you. Amen.

KNOW YOUR FAITH: CCC 30 – “Let all hearts of those who seek the Lord rejoice.” Although man can forget God or reject him, He never ceases to call every man to seek him, so as to find life and happiness. But this search for God demands of man every effort of intellect, a sound will, “ an upright heart”, as well as the witness of others who teach him to seek God.

HIDE A TREASURE: “Happy are those whose greatest desire is to do what God requires; God would satisfy them fully” Matthew 5:6 GNB

Readings for today: 1Kings 12: 26-32, 13:33-34; Psalm 106: 6-7, 19-22; Mark 8: 1-10


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