Wednesday 19th February – Wednesday of week 6 of the year

Reflection: James 1: 19-27


As humans, we always like to know the impression others have about us, we always want to look good, appear good and create a good impression to those around us. This is actually not bad on its own, but the best impression that can be created about us is the one God has about us.

The mirror or the means through we can know how God sees us is His word. But many a time, we hear this word, telling us how we ought to live or warning us about our lives and we do not put it into practice. God is urging us today not to only be hearers of the word of God which is the truth but also doers of that word and by this we will not be condemned.

Today, dear friends, God tells us to be slow to becoming angry, to flee every form of filthy habit and wickedness, to bridle our tongues, to be pure in heart and genuinely religious, to consider and help the orphans and widows and to stay away from every form of corruption.

PRAYER: Lord Jesus, give me the grace to always put your word which is the truth into practice.

KNOW YOUR FAITH: YOUCAT 282 – Does Sacred Scripture speak about a way to happiness?

We become happy by trusting in Jesus’ words in the Beatitudes.

The Gospel is a promise of happiness to all people who wish to walk in God’s ways. Especially in the Beatitudes (Mt 5:3-12), Jesus has told us specifically that eternal blessedness (BLESSING) is based on our following his example and seeking peace with a pure heart.

HIDE A TREASURE: “Do not deceive yourselves by just listening to his word; instead put it into practice.” James 1:22 GNB

Readings for today: James 1: 19-27; Psalm 15: 2-5; Mark 8: 22-26


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