Saturday 1st March – Saturday of week 7 of the year

Reflection: James 5: 13-20


Despite how basic prayer is to the Christian, we often find it a burden to pray. As young people, we have the tendency to see prayer as a formality; as an act that needs so much time to plan and execute. However, God desires that we, His children communicate with Him daily through prayer. God seeks a relationship with you and I, a relationship that can only be nurtured through constant communication.

We all have friends in our neighborhoods and schools whom we hang out with. Just as our friendship with these individuals grows through our spending time together so also does our friendship with God. Indeed, talking to God is really as simple as talking to our friends. To grow in friendship with God, we must set out time each day to spend with this dear friend who can never fail us and who desires much more of our good than any of our friends can. In addition, as we carry out our daily routine, we should turn our hearts to Him in silent prayer, whatever situation we find ourselves.

Today’s passage shows us that there is always a reason to talk to Jesus. Whether we are happy or in trouble, healthy or ill and even when we have fallen into sin (James 5: 13-16). Jesus wants us to turn to Him in prayer always, letting Him in on the little details of our lives. He seeks to put His arms around us His children and bless us as He did in the gospel reading today (Mark 10:16). Dear friends, let us not allow anything to keep us back from talking to Jesus. Only then would we enjoy the fullness of joy that we have as God’s children.

PRAYER: Dear Lord, please help me to always be aware of your presence and turn to you in prayer every moment of my day.

KNOW YOUR FAITH: YOUCAT 494 – How can my everyday routine be a school of prayer?

Everything that happens, every encounter can become the occasion for a prayer. For the more deeply we live in union with God, the deeper we understand the world around us.

Someone who already seeks union with Jesus in the morning can be a blessing to the people he meets, even his opponents and enemies. Over the course of the day he casts all his cares on the Lord. He has more peace within himself and radiates it. He makes his judgments and decisions by asking himself how Jesus would act at that moment. He overcomes fear by staying close to God. In desperate situations he is not without support…This attentiveness to God is possible even at work.

HIDE A TREASURE: “So far you have not asked anything in my name; so ask and you will receive that your joy may be full.” John 16: 24 CCB

Readings for today: James 5: 13-20; Psalm 141: 1-3, 8; Mark 10: 13-16


5 thoughts on “TALK TO JESUS

  1. I love this. I’d like to be receiving it daily in my mailbox. God bless us all as we evangelise the gospel! i

    • Thanks alot, Veronica.
      You can indeed receive the reflections in your mail box very early every morning.
      At a corner of the blog page, there’s a tab marked “follow”.
      Click on this tab, and follow the instructions it gives, then you can receive the reflections daily.

      Please remember to share this with your friends.

      God bless you.

      • Amen. We would also like to be receiving this at St. Vincent de Paul, ogo-oluwa osogbo. How do we go about that? Thank you.

  2. Amen. We would also like to be receiving this at St. Vincent de Paul, ogo-oluwa osogbo. How do we go about that? And I have not been receiving the updates in my mail box. Thank you.

    • Dear Veronica,

      Thanks for your interest in the Catholic Devotional for Youth (CDY). Hard copies of the devotional are available monthly and are distributed to young Catholics free.
      We are actually rounding up the distribution for March presently. I am not sure how many youths will be interested in getting copies however I think we can still arrange to get you a few copies this month.

      Pls do send your phone number to me so we can make an arrangement as soon as possible.  Mine is 08067304947

      As for the updates, did you click the ‘follow’ tab on the blog? If you did, you must have been asked for your email address. You’ll be sent a confirmation mail through which you’re expected to confirm your subscription. After this, you should get the mails each morning.

      God bless you.

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