Tuesday 15th April – Tuesday of Holy Week

Reflection: Isaiah 49: 1-6


Human actions are known to be often motivated by reward or benefits. We are moved either by pain or gain; by the joy of heaven’s bliss or the fear of hell’s torment. Today, the Mother Church sets before us the both sides of life: our reward or our loss. The bliss of Heaven or otherwise. To be baptized Catholics sets us a pedestal ahead of others, having being brought into communion with Christ.

However, the question remains: will you who have been brought into such privileged position of fellowship and communion with Christ also deny him or even worse off, betray him? Will you walk away; will you fail to stay with the master? Will you, having been so endowed abandon such a lofty state? Hold the forth dear friends, we are now close to Calvary, and over the cliff lies the bliss of Easter!!! Consider your reward, and don’t be weary.

Prayer: Lord, keep my eyes set on the price. Oh Holy Spirit, our light, shine on us we pray, that earthly joys may fade away, that our hearts may long for nothing less than the joy of heaven our home. Amen.

KNOW YOUR FAITH: CCC 1741 – Liberation and Salvation

By his glorious cross, Christ has won salvation for all men. He redeemed them from the sin that holds them in bondage. For in freedom, Christ has set us free. In him we have communion with the faith that sets us free. The Holy Spirit has been given to us and as the Apostle teaches, where the spirit of the lord is, there is freedom (2Cor 3:17). Already, we glory in the liberty of the children of God (Rom 8:4).

Hide a treasure: “Do you not know that in a race all the runner compete, but only one receives the prize? So run that you may obtain it” 1 Corinthians 9:24 RSV-CE

Readings for today: Isaiah 49: 1-6; Psalm 71: 1-6, 15-17; John 13: 21-33, 36-38


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