Monday 5th May – Monday of the 3rd week of Easter

Reflection: Acts 6:8-15


Jealousy is unconscious self-condemnation. We hate ourselves for not being as good or perfect as the other person. It is also an unconscious acknowledgement of the superiority of others. It is the tribute which mediocrity pays to genius. The jealous person always regards the good qualities of another as stolen from him. Instinctively the jealous persons know the good that others do, but they are jealous because they have not done it themselves; therefore, they seek to nullify it by saying it was no good at all.

Jealousy is a fire which the jealous person enkindles to his ruin without being aware of it. It is a neglect of divine identity and vocation. Jealousy destroys creativity, diversity and uniqueness, because the jealous person constantly neglect his God given wisdom and potentials, he neglects the means and opportunities available to him to become better. Rather, he looks for ways to pull others down, and by extension he ceases to grow himself.

Ways of overcoming jealousy is by appreciating sincerely the gifts and talents we see in others, praying for the one whom we are jealous and making the quality of this person an occasion for imitation, rather than envy.

God created each of us uniquely in His image and likeness, and not like any other person. Thus, we are unique, fearfully and wonderfully made. Let us celebrate our uniqueness and remember that we are in competition with no one. Rather, let us strive daily to be better than who we were yesterday.

Prayer: Lord let your divine love take possession of me and purify me of all forms of jealousy. Amen.


Being in the image of God the human individual possesses the dignity of a person, who is not just something, but someone. He is capable of self-knowledge, self-possession and of freely giving himself and entering into communion with others.

HIDE A TREASURE: “Wherever there is jealousy and ambition, you will also find discord and all that is evil. Instead, the wisdom that comes from above is pure and peace-loving.” James 3:16-17 CCB

Today’s Readings: Acts6:8-15, Psalm119: 23-30, John 6: 22-30


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