Monday 2nd June – Monday of the 7th week of Easter

Reflection: Psalm 68:2-7


Beloved, the Holy Spirit is living presence of God within and around us. The consciousness of God’s presence in us makes all the difference. When you acknowledge that God is in you and is with you, then you are activating the glory of this presence. The Psalmist tells us today that when you activate the presence of God in you, then every form of wickedness in and against your life would melt like wax. (Psalm 68:2) and He beautifies your life with joy and gladness in His presence. (Psalm 68:3).

When you live perpetually in the consciousness God’s presence, then you can be sure of divine maximum security over your life. Also you will prosper in all you do, and ultimately, you will be a conduit of God’s glory to others around you, starting from your immediate habitation. To make this more practical, you can create a particular time of the day, at least thirty minutes, when you will be alone with God, just worshipping and adoring Him for whom He is. As you remain faithful to this time, you will definitely encounter the transforming power of the glory of God, and this will just be the beginning of testimonies in your life. You can start this today.

Remember: “It takes God to obey God”. So ask the Holy Spirit to empower you with His grace, and to help you become a bearer of His divine presence. This is the difference-maker!

Prayer: Holy Spirit of Truth, as I await your greater outpouring over my life this Pentecost, fill me with the love of your presence now and forever-more. Amen.

KNOW YOUR FAITH: CCC: 2697: “…The Fathers of the spiritual life in the Deuteronomic and prophetic traditions insist that prayer is a remembrance of God often awakened by the memory of the heart. ‘We must remember God more often than we draw breath’.”

HIDE A TREASURE: “…In thy presence is fullness of joy, in thy right hand are pleasures forevermore.” Psalm 16:11b RSV-CE

Readings for today: Acts19: 1-8; Psalm 68: 2-7; John 16: 29-33.


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