Sunday 15th June – Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity

Reflection: Exodus 34: 4-6, 8-9


Perception goes a long way in human relations; our opinion about others generally influences the way we relate with them. Perhaps we can all identify at least one or two instances of ill treatment from others simply because of their wrong opinion about us. If this is so, we most likely must have been guilty of the same at one point or the other. Important as human relationships are, Christianity calls us to a higher level of relationship – one with God our loving creator. The state of this relationship holds significant implications for us as children of God.

However, we sometimes deny ourselves the splendour and privileges of this loving relationship due to a distorted perception of God. We at times live in self-condemnation because of our shallow belief in God’s mercy; obedience is predicated on the fear of God’s punishment rather than on the love of Him. All these are some of the offshoots of a wrong preconception about God. They do not depict the true nature of God as we see in today’s first reading (Exodus 34: 4-6,8-9) and Gospel (John 3: 16-18). He is a compassionate, tender and merciful God; slow to anger and desirous of our repentance rather than punishment (Lamentation 3: 33, Luke 15:17). God is most loving and in Him lies the fullness of all virtues.

Beloved friend, God wants us to relate with Him on this understanding; He wants us to have a proper perspective of him in other to enjoy a harmonious relationship with Him. A cardinal way to knowing Him is through daily meditation on the word of God – the Bible. As we come to know Him better, the more we love Him and our lives ultimately become an extension of the virtues we have enjoyed from Him. This by implication will positively transform our relationship with our fellow brothers and sisters.

Prayer: Dear father, please grant me a deeper understanding of your love and mercy that I may walk with you in the light of these. Amen.

KNOW YOUR FAITH: CCC 30 –“Let the heart of those who seek the Lord rejoice.”Although man can forget God or reject him, He never ceases to call every man to seek him, so as to find life and happiness. But this search for God demands of man every effort of intellect, a sound will, “an upright heart,” as well as the witness of others who teach him to seek God.

HIDE A TREASURE: “Gracious is the Lord and righteous; our God is merciful.” Psalms 116:5 RSV-CE

Readings for today: Exodus 34: 4-6, 8-9; 2 Corinthian 13: 11-13; John 3: 16-18


One thought on “WHAT A LOVING GOD!

  1. This is at the heart of the matter. So many forsake God because they do no know him for who he is. And, they do not know him, because we have not told them. I bless God for CDY because it is painting the picture of the real God to the youth of our age. May d lord preserve us. Amen

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