Monday 23rd June – Monday of week 12 of the year

Reflection: 2 Kings 17: 5-8, 13-15, 18


“Give us aid against the foe, for worthless is the help of men” (Psalm 60:13)” This was the cry of the children of God in the Psalm of today. They had been besieged, then embattled, conquered and now had become slaves in exile! Severally, they had raised armies, had allies, formed strong weapons, yet, they were still defeated in wars. Today, we hear the sigh and despair of the Israelites resonating in the Psalm of Israel: “…for worthless is the help of men…”. They knew what it meant to put trust and confidence in mortals, how to fight life’s battles alone, and by doing so, had tasted the bitter pill of defeat.

However, they knew exactly the root cause of their problem. They knew they had deserted the Lord, the Lord of armies. And the Lord, on his part had left them to their own devices. They had esteemed other gods as greater than Yahweh, and followed thus after other gods. In fact, they judged Yahweh, and concluded that he was no longer powerful enough, no longer good enough. This was their judgment, and this was the cause of their doom.

In many ways, we are like the Israelites- judgmental, high headed and divisive. We too have forsaken Yahweh, and gone after our own ways. Let us learn to trust God, to accept God’s word for what it is, not for what we expect. Let us learn to depend on his aid rather than what men will say or do. Let the word of God be our standard, above and beyond all things, all men, (including the most noble of them). And above all, let us keep the word of God above our will, our wishes and our choices. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your understanding (your devices, your friends, your money, your prophesies etc), in all your dealings acknowledge him and he will direct your path.”(cf Proverbs 3: 5-6)

Lastly, remember that in every situation, man has only one “point of view” whereas God has “several points to view”. Bear this always in mind, and leave judgment to the God who alone sees everything.

Prayers: Aid us Lord by your grace, that we who have been acquitted by your Son’s blood may live no longer in the bondage of sins, but in the freedom of the sons of God. Amen.


Lying consists in saying what is false, with the intention of deceiving one’s neighbor.

HIDE A TREASURE: “Happy is the ,am who trusts in the Lord, and whose confidence is in him” Jeremiah 17: 7 CCB

Readings for today: 2 Kings 17: 5-8, 13-15, 18; Psalm 60: 3-5, 12-13; Matthew 7: 1-5


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