Monday 30th June – Monday of week 13 of the year

Reflection: Amos 2: 6-10, 13-16


It is commonplace in our own day and time to see individuals serving God and spending so much time in prayers, at fellowships, healing services, revivals etc when they have difficulties. However, these same persons are likely to draw back on their acts of devotion to God when their prayers are answered and they find themselves in comfortable positions.

Today’s reading shows us how Israel had drawn back on its faithfulness to God. Many of them had become lords to themselves, maltreating the poor and less privileged, sacrificing to idols and engaging in immorality. Israel had indeed forgotten God, the same God who had delivered them from slavery in Egypt and defeated their enemies. Hence, a punishment was pronounced against Israel.

Before we are quick to condemn the Israelites, let us look into our own lives. Do we seek God earnestly when we need help from Him such as exam success, good jobs, healing etc and begin to withdraw when we find ourselves comfortable? This pattern shows the absence of commitment to God.

Dear friend, our lives depend on God. It is only in Him we can find the happiness and fulfilment we all seek. Let us draw near to Him today, ask for mercy for the times we have taken His love for granted and for the grace to be faithful to Him always.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, I renew my commitment to you today. You have given me the privilege of belonging to the family of God. Please help me to love You always and be faithful to You. Amen.

KNOW YOUR FAITH: YOUCAT 490 – Is it enough to pray when you feel like praying?

No. Someone who prays only when he feels like it does not take God seriously and will leave off praying. Prayer thrives on faithfulness.

HIDE A TREASURE: “If you are willing and obedient, you shall eat the good of the land” Isaiah 1: 19 RSV-CE

Readings for today: Amos 2: 6-10, 13-16; Psalm 50: 16-23; Matthew 8: 18-22


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