Wednesday 2nd July – Wednesday of week 13 of the year

Reflection: Amos 5:14-15, 21-24


All that God has in store for us as his children is deeply rooted in our living in his presence. In God’s presence, we have all we need and are positioned to possess all that is ours as his sons and daughters. The big question is how to perpetually live in his presence. What does God looks for in his vessels? How can I become acceptable to God?

Many have missed it because they are willing to sacrifice all they have acquired in life but unwilling to sacrifice their very selves. The scripture says that silver and gold belong to God (1 Kings 20:3), all animals in the forest are his (Psalm 50:8-11). Hence, whatever you give to God is simply a return of the gifts He has given you. As wonderful as it is to give your material possession to God, it does not guarantee a deep friendship with him. Dear friends, our reading today gives us the right answer: “Make it your aim to do what is right and not what is evil, so that you may live. Then the Lord God almighty really will be with you, as you claim he is” (Amos 5:14).

God’s choice for us is an invitation to make him live in our hearts and let him fill us with the grace to do his will. Then, justice would flow like stream and righteousness like a river that never goes dry (Amos 5:24). This is God’s appeal to us today. Let us thirst for his presence and become his tool for change in our environment and our world.

PRAYER: Lord Jesus, I surrender my life to you today, take possession of me and breathe out your love through me to the world.

KNOW YOUR FAITH: YOUCAT 84 – Was Mary only an instrument of God?

Mary was more than a merely passive instrument of God. The Incarnation of God took place through her active consent as well.

 HIDE A TREASURE: “Whoever loves me will obey my teaching, My Father will love him, and my Father and I will come to him and live with him” John 14:23 GNB

Readings of Today: Amos 5:14-15, 21-24; Psalm 50:7-13, 16-17; Matthew 8:28-34


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