Saturday 12th July – Saturday of week 14 of the year

REFLECTION: Isaiah 6:1-8


God is holy. Holiness is in fact, His very nature. Little wonder the scriptures admonish us always to be holy for God is holy. In today’s text, we see a spectacular encounter that the prophet Isaiah had with God. We must note that Isaiah had been prophesying for years before he had this life and destiny changing encounter with the God Most High. In the midst of this divine encounter, he saw how filthy and sinful he was, compared with the awesome holiness of God. Does it mean that he had been prophesying in iniquity all this while? Well, the truth is that a revelation of the holiness of God would enable you to see yourself the way you truly are.

Isaiah saw God in the beauty of His holiness, and his life never remained the same again. The same can be said of you beloved. Do you need to encounter God, or do you need a deeper walk with God? If you do, then be rest assured that God desires the same for you. But you should remember that it was in the temple that Isaiah had this encounter with God. In other words, for this same experience to be replicated in your life, then you need to abide continually in the presence of God.

This does not mean that you should abandon your daily duties and come to live in the Church. Rather, it implies that you should dispose your whole being to God whenever you come to the place of worship. Give God your whole attention whenever you go for Mass. The Holy Mass is a very good avenue to encounter God in His holiness. So put away all distraction and let your whole being be involved with the celebration of the Mass.

As you sincerely desire a deeper walk with God, He is ever faithful and will fill you with His very presence.

PRAYER: Holy Father, let the power of your holiness transform my life this day as I come to worship you in your temple. Amen.

KNOW YOUR FAITH: CCC 1995: “The Holy Spirit is the master of the interior life. By giving birth to the “inner man”, justification entails the sanctification of his whole being.”

HIDE A TREASURE: “whoever would draw near to God must believe that he exists and thet he rewards those who seek him” Hebrew 11:6b RSV-CE

Readings for Today: Isaiah 6:1-8; Psalm 93:1-2, 5; Matthew 10:24-33


One thought on “HOLY, HOLY, HOLY!

  1. I have this joy especially learning about how God shows readiness to purify us unto holiness like the prophet Isaiah experienced.
    Thank you for bringing the message of today’s reading home for me.

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