Friday 18th July – Friday of week 15 of the year

Reflection: Isaiah 38: 10-12, 16


The words of the wise man in Ecclesiastics 12:1 is a very common phrase amongst youths. It admonishes us to “serve the Lord in the days of our youth”. But few take the pain to read the rest of the sentence which continues as “before the dismal days and years come, when you will say, I don’t enjoy life”. The reality is that most youths don’t want to consider that someday they will be old, less agile and closer to death.

Yet, these realities are what the first reading tells us today. Someday, sooner or later, we would have to put our house in order and prepare for the great sojourn. What more can we see from the story of Hezekiah? In the story of Hezekiah, we see a man, who brought up his case before God and presented evidence of his good deeds in the days of his youth. And, now in the days when life is no longer pleasurable, when death’s shadows is falling on him, he reminds the Lord of his past good deeds, his heroic works and his sacrifices of praise. God’s verdict was quite predictable….He gave the man life!

A lot of youths spend their youth in search of money and pleasure, and only remember God when their days are drawing to its close, in the days when life is no longer pleasurable. But, our youthful age is when we can still work, build the church of Christ, evangelize, write books, go on mission and do all the heroic things we wish to do. This is indeed the time to store up your treasures; such that at the right time, our good works will go ahead of us.

Why not take the challenge and do something for God today?

Prayer: Lord. When lived out of your will and purpose for us, our lives are worthless! Please anticipate us by your grace that we might live (even in this our youthful age), a life of purpose and vision; a life that glorifies you, as we journey to eternal life. Amen.

KNOW YOUR FAITH: CCC 2175 – Sunday – Fulfillment of the Sabbath

…In Christ’s Passover, Sunday fulfills the spiritual truth of the Jewish Sabbath and announces man’s rest in God…..those who lived according to the old order of things have come to a new hope, no longer keeping the Sabbath, but the Lord’s day, in which our life is blessed by him and his death.

HIDE A TREASURE: “Here is the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God and obey His precepts, for man depends entirely on this” Ecclesiastics 12:13 CCB

Readings for Today: Isaiah 38: 1-8, 21 -22; Isaiah 38: 10-12, 16; Matthew 12: 1-8


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