Saturday 26th July – Memorial of SS Joachim and Anne, the Parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Reflection: Matthew 13: 24-30


One of the many attacks the church gets from her separated brethren is for the many seemingly “weird” feasts and observances she keeps. This is because, for them, all these observances and feasts are neither recorded in the bible nor measure up to their reasoning. Today, we celebrate one: “Memorial of Saints Joachim and Anne, the Parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary”.  No mention of the both of them was made in the entire bible, and yet, they are celebrated. According to the line of argument of our separated brethren, this is a “weird and questionable” celebration.

But then, are the teaching, feast and dogmas of the church unfounded, unscriptural and ungodly? NO! Sure some of them are not expressly stated in the scripture. However, none of them is ever anti-scripture. If not expressly stated, they are either alluded to or found to be in conformity with divine revelation.

By tradition, Joachim and Anne are considered to be the parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God. No written historical evidence exists as factual substantiation of this. All stories of their lives come to us through legend and tradition. However, attention must be drawn not to historical evidence, but to why these Saints are honored by the Church. Whatever their names or the facts of their lives, the truth is that it was the parents of Mary who nurtured her, taught her and brought her up so that she was able dispose herself to the divine will of God, in being the mother of God. It was their faith that laid the foundation upon which the “Fait” of Mary was built. Such parents can be emulated as role models and heroes of the faith.

PRAYER: Lord, we pray for all parents and all homes, especially those going through difficulties. Through the intercession of your holy Saints Joachim and Anne, grant them your mercy and grace. Amen.

KNOW YOUR FAITH: CCC 87 – The Magisterium of the Church

Mindful of Christ’s words to his apostles “He who hears you hears me”, the faithful receive with docility the teachings and directives that their pastors give them in different forms.

HIDE A TREASURE:  “Our God is merciful and tender, he will cause the bright dawn of salvation to rise on us.” Luke 1: 78 GNB

Readings for Today: Jeremiah 7: 1-11; Psalm 84: 3-6, 8, 11; Matthew 13: 24-30


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