Tuesday 30th September – Memorial of St Jerome, Priest & Doctor

Reflection: Psalm 88:2-8


Beloved, today is a great day which the Lord has made. Our merciful Father has remembered you in a very special way today. Great things happen when the Bible speaks of God remembering a person. When God remembers you, it means that you are being spotted out for extra-ordinary favour. Hence today is one of such days. There are times in life when we feel that all hope is lost and nothing can be done about our current situation. It is at periods like this that you should be more firm in your faith because your deliverance is nearer than it was before. There is no need for give up at the very brink of breakthrough.

The Psalmist found himself in such a despicable situation today. His state was so discouraging that he accused God of abandoning him. He had given up on life completely. Perhaps dear friend, you have found yourself in such a desperate position; one that can lead you to accuse God. Please bear in mind that God loves you dearly; He is never ignorant of our challenges but is fully aware of what you are going through presently. The Bible says that “Tears may flow in the night, but joy comes in the morning.” (Psalm 30:5b).  The night time of life comes with challenges but as it is said that “there is always light at the end of every tunnel”.

“The Lord protects and defends me; I trust in Him. He gives me help and makes me glad; I praise Him with joyful songs.” (Psalm 28:7). Let us trust the Lord at all times. God never fails, even He seems to delay, we should still trust Him for He is our All-in-All. Also, the Word of God is indispensable in times of trials. Hold unto the promises He has made to you in His Word, as you find strength from Him in prayer and in His word your situation will turn around for good. Wipe your tears and rejoice beloved, for your salvation is here!

PRAYER: Father, I trust in you. (Use the Word of God in Psalm 28 to pray, believing that the Almighty God will surely intervene in your life).

KNOW YOUR FAITH: CCC 2743 – It is always possible to pray: the time of the Christian is that of the risen Christ who is with us always, no matter what tempest may arise. Our time is in the hands of God: It is possible to offer fervent prayer even while walking in public or strolling alone, or seated in your shop…while buying or selling…or even while cooking.

HIDE A TREASURE: “I place myself in your care. You will save me, Lord; you are a faithful God.” Psalm 31:5 GNB

Readings for Today: Job 3:1-3, 11-17, 20-23; Psalm 88:2-8; Luke 9:51-56


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