Friday 24th October – Friday of week 29 of the year

Reflection: Ephesians 4: 1-6


Though most people agree that no human being is perfect, we often forget that when others have wronged us and are more likely to remember it as an instrument of self-defence when we have wronged others.

St Paul tells us today that our Christian call demands that we “bear with one another charitably, in complete selflessness, gentleness and patience” (Ephesians 4:2). To “bear with others” implies to put up with something unpleasant about them; to put up with their faults and failings. While we are not expected to encourage the faults of others, we are to bear with their weaknesses while we correct them gently and lovingly.

It is very easy for us to excuse our own faults but often difficult to excuse the faults of others. Let us always remind ourselves that others also experience discomfort and unpleasant situations as a result of our own failings; hence we too must be ready to patiently endure discomfort caused by the failings of those around us. Other people have to bear with us; just as we have to bear with them. As young Christians, we are called to be agents of peace wherever we find ourselves. Our approach to unpleasant situations must be that which is godly and promotes peace and harmony.

PRAYER: Thank you Lord for putting up with my weaknesses and repeated failings. Please help me to imitate this great mercy you have shown me. Help me to bear with others patiently. Amen.

KNOW YOUR FAITH: YOUCAT 290 – How does God help us to be free men?

Christ wants us to be “set free for freedom” (see Gal 5:1) and to become capable of brotherly love. That is why he sends us the Holy Spirit, who makes us free and independent of worldly powers and strengthens us for a life of love and responsibility. 

HIDE A TREASURE: “Be humble, kind, patient and bear with one another in love” Ephesians 4:2 CCB

Readings for Today: Ephesians 4: 1-6; Psalm 24: 1-6; Luke 12: 54-59


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