Friday 7th November – Friday of week 31 of the year

Reflection: Luke 16:1-8


A first glance at today’s Gospel reading and you might want to discredit this manager for being so dishonest and wasteful with his master’s property. But on a deeper pondering on this passage, you will definitely realize that there is something good to learn from this bad manager, hence, Christ’s reference to him as a “shrewd manager.”

To be shrewd means to have a good sense of judgment and intelligence in anticipation of a future event or an occurrence. Hence, this manager, aware that his master had caught wind of his wasteful behaviour, knew that he was going to be fired from his job. He quickly used the last power at his disposal to gain friendship for himself, in order that he may gain acceptance and companionship when he was eventually fired from his job. This plan worked out for him so well that his master even praised him for this ingenuity. The most striking aspect of this passage is Jesus conclusion that the people of this world are shrewd in handling their affairs than the children of light. (Lk.16:8). This statement is indeed ‘food for thought’.

Jesus does not praise the servant’s dishonesty, rather he challenges the children of light who are the children of the Kingdom, to a good sense of judgment and understanding in utilising the gifts and privileges God has given to them. This implies that we need a discerning heart always, in order to plan ahead and act prudently in the face of potential challenges or difficulties. Like the steward, we too have been entrusted with certain gifts from God which we are to manage and give account for at the end of time. Let us ask for the grace of discernment so as to use these gifts in such a way as to secure our eternal home.

PRAYER: Lord, everything I have comes from you. Please grant me a spirit of discernment that I may please you with the gifts and talents you have put in my care. Amen.

KNOW YOUR FAITH: CCC 2690: “The Holy Spirit gives to certain of the faithful the gifts of wisdom, faith and discernment for the sake of this common good which is prayer (spiritual direction). Men and women so endowed are true servants of the living tradition of prayer.”

HIDE A TREASURE: “…The wise man knows the right time and judgment” Ecclesiastes 8:5 CCB

Readings for Today: Philippians 3:17 – 4:1; Psalm 122:1-5; Luke 16:1-8



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