Monday 10th November – Memorial of St Leo the Great, Pope & Doctor

Reflection: Luke 17: 1-6


There is never a self-made man. This, the arrogant would not likely admit. The successes you and I have achieved so far, regardless of the discipline of life cannot be honestly attributed to our individual efforts alone. Definitely, a humble assessment of this would reveal the contribution of one or more people, no matter how little this might be. No one is an island; we practically need one another in different ways.

However, much as human interaction is needful for personal and communal growth, experience has shown that not all interaction produce positive results. There are individuals who constitute clogs in the wheel of other’s progress; people who frustrate rather than promote noble ventures. The question for you and I is: “Am I a stepping stone or stumbling block in the way of other’s goodness?” Life will not permit that we remain neutral; we are either subtracting or adding values to the lives around us. How much do we neglect or underestimate the influence of our actions or inactions on those around us? Much as we are not called to live in the shadow of other’s will (Galatians 1:10), a Christian must be above board in his/her dealings. Salt of the earth, and light of the world we are called (Matthew 5: 13-16); our lives must truly reflect such.

Dear friend, by your appearance, your manner of speech, the way you conduct your affairs – the sum total of your life; are you drawing others to Christ or simply making a mockery of the faith and making the way of salvation unattractive to others? Christ says in today’s gospel reading: “Things that make people fall into sin are bound to happen, but how terrible for the one who makes them happen! It would be better for him if a large millstone was tied round his neck and he was thrown into the sea than for him to cause one of these little ones to sin. So watch what you do!” (Luke 17: 1-3b)

Beloved, let us heed our Lord’s warning. Let us be encouragers of good deeds; let us be promoters of righteousness. May the Lord give us the needed grace as we commit ourselves to doing this. Amen.

PRAYER: Let not those who hope in you be put to shame through me, oh Lord God of Host; let not those who seek you be brought to dishonour through me, oh God of Israel. Amen. Psalm 69:6 RSV-CE.

KNOW YOUR FAITH: YOUCAT 319 – Are we responsible for the sins of other people?

No, we are not responsible for other people’s sins, unless we are guilty of misleading or seducing another person to sin or of cooperating in it or of encouraging someone else to sin or of neglecting to offer a timely warning or our help.

HIDE A TREASURE: “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.” Matthew 5:16 RSV-CE

Readings for today: Titus 1: 1-9; Psalm 23: 1-6; Luke 17: 1-6



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