Monday 17th November – Memorial of St Elizabeth of Hungary, Religious

Reflection: Luke 18: 35-43


Limitations and difficulties are a part of life; they often bring out the best in us as they force us to leave our comfort zones as we seek solutions. All of us are very much like the blind man in our gospel reading. We are blind in one area of life or the other: it may be academically, spiritually, psychologically, socially etc. We all have some limitations; but like the blind man, we do not have to remain in the difficulties or limitations that beset us.

Despite his disadvantage in sight, the blind man did not close his mind, ears and heart to his surroundings. As he asked for alms each day, rather than complain of his predicament, he adequately utilised his strengths: hearing, speech and the power of persistence, resulting in the restoration of his sight. We too, dear friends have great blessings God has given us. Rather than concentrate on and magnify our problems, we can put to use with thanksgiving the numerous God-given strengths we possess. Let us refuse to be shut up by the crowd: the society or popular opinion but faithfully and persistently display our strengths and trust God to take care of our limitations. Like the blind man, we too would find our desires met as we do this.

PRAYER: Lord, please grant me the wisdom never to be discouraged by difficult situations but to put to use adequately the gifts you have blessed me with. Amen.

KNOW YOUR FAITH: YOUCAT 178 – If a sacrament is administered by someone who is unworthy, does it fail to have its effect?

No. The Sacraments are effective on the basis of the sacramental action that is carried out (ex opere operato), in other words, independently of the moral conduct or spiritual outlook of the minister. It is enough for him to intend to do what the Church does.

By all means, ministers of the sacraments ought to live an exemplary life. But the sacraments take effect, not because of the holiness of their ministers, but rather because Christ himself is at work in them…

 HIDE A TREASURE: “I can do all things in him who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13 RSV-CE

Readings for Today: Apocalypse 1: 1-4, 2: 1-5; Psalm 1:1-6; Luke 18: 35-43



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