Tuesday 25th November – Tuesday of week 34 of the year

Reflection: Luke 21:5-11


As the Season of Advent draws near, the Church turns our minds towards the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Today’s Gospel reading is the beginning of a discourse given by our Lord in which He prepared the minds of His disciples for the events that were to take place in Jerusalem and at the end of time. The central point Jesus emphasizes is the place of preparedness.

As the Gospel tells us, we must not allow ourselves to be deceived and led astray. False and frightful teachings abound around us predicting the day of our Lord. Century after century has witnessed speculations about the day the Lord Jesus will return. Dear friends, this should not be our pre-occupation. Our call is to focus on the pursuit of holiness. Each new day offers us new opportunities to be reconciled with God and to live the life of love to which He has called us. If we postpone responding to His call today, there is no assurance that we will have the privilege of tomorrow.

Beloved, let each moment of your life serve to lead you to a closer union with God. Let each night leave you loving God more than you did in the morning. As we strive to please God always, we will have no reason to fear the hour of death or the end of time.

PRAYER: Lord, I ask for the grace to persevere in holiness till the end of time. Please grant that after my sojourn here on earth, heaven shall be my inheritance. Amen.

 KNOW YOUR FAITH: YOUCAT 95 – Why did Jesus choose the date of the Jewish feast of Passover for his death and Resurrection?

Jesus chose the Passover feast of his people Israel as a symbol for what was to happen through his death and Resurrection. As the people Israel were freed from slavery to Egypt, so Christ frees us from the slavery of sin and the power of death.

 HIDE A TREASURE: “Therefore beloved, since you wait for these, be zealous to be found by him without spot or blemish, and at peace.” 2 Peter 3:14 RSV-CE

Readings for Today: Revelation 14:14-19; Psalm 96: 10-13; Luke 21:5-11



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