Saturday 14th February – Memorial of SS Cyril, Monk & Methodius, Bishop

Reflection: Mark 8: 6-10


We serve an All-Sufficient God who can make something out of nothing. In fact, He created the whole world out of nothing. It is amazing how God shows up at hopeless situations of our lives to make His power and sovereignty known. In today’s reading, Jesus shows forth both His care and His power as He multiplies bread and fish to feed a great multitude. 

Bearing in mind that Jesus needed no one to tell Him that the multitude was hungry; this miracle should remind us that we serve an Almighty God who is interested in all the affairs of our lives. Sometimes, you may have very little resources at your disposition, and start to worry about where the rest will come from. Nothing should ever make you anxious. Jesus assures us, that we should seek first God’s kingdom and His righteousness and every other thing would be added unto us. (Mt 6:33).

As we celebrate Love today, take time to reflect on how much God loves you. Spend some time writing out the blessings you received from Him over the last year and be grateful for them. Focus more on God than on your needs, and then you would see God in action on your behalf. This is the secret to miracles!

PRAYER: Father, I thank for all the blessings you have showered me with. I trust that you are able to supply all my needs according to your riches in glory. Amen.

KNOW YOUR FAITH: CCC 270: “God is the Father Almighty, whose fatherhood and power shed light on one another: God reveals His fatherly omnipotence by the way He takes care of our needs; by the filial adoption He gives us…and by His infinite mercy.

HIDE A TREASURE: “Instead be concerned above everything else with the Kingdom and with He requires of you, and He will provide you with all these other things.” Matthew 6:33 GNB

Today’s Readings: Genesis 3:9-24; Psalm 90: 2-6, 12-13; Mark.8:1-10


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