Friday 3rd July- Feast of St. Thomas, Apostle


JOHN 20:24-29

God has called us to live by faith. It is in the realm of faith that we experience all that God has in store for us. As Christians, faith should be to us what water is to fish; for the Word of God says that ‘the just shall live by faith’. (Rom.1:17c). The life of faith is essential in the times in which we are. We have been told in the scripture that these are evil days, hence living by faith is not negotiable if we are to survive and excel in this generation. This season of our youth is the right time for us to build a very strong foundation of faith in the Lord. So how do you grow in faith? It is simply starts by believing. But you will agree that before you believe anything you must have the knowledge about it. You believe that God exists because you have knowledge about God. So beloved, faith comes by hearing or reading the Word of God and retaining it in our hearts in order to practice it. This is how faith begins; and when the Word of God has taken root in your heart, you will have no reason to doubt.

Always remember dear friends, that in the gospel of today, Christ promised happiness to those who believe in him without seeing him (Jn 20:29). Let us then unite ourselves in faith to God; for not only would we be happy but we would also be saved (Mk 16:16). You are invited today by Jesus Christ himself to become a radical believer, which in turn will transform you into a glorious champion. 

Faith is a foretaste of the knowledge that will make us blessed in the world to come. –St. Thomas Aquinas

PRAYER: Lord Jesus, help me to put all my trust in you. Strenghten me that I may believe in you. Amen.

KNOW YOUR FAITH: CCC 150 – Faith is first of all a personal adherence of man to God. At the same time, and inseparably, it is a free assent to the whole truth that God has revealed… It is right and just to entrust oneself wholly to God and to believe absolutely what he says. It would be futile and false to place such faith in a creature.

Hide a treasure: “Everything is possible for the person who has faith.” Mark 9:23. GNB

Today’s readings: Eph 2:19-22; Ps.117; Jn.20:24-29.


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