Friday 7thAugust- Friday of week 18 of the year


Matthew 16:24-28

Seeds are planted deep in the soil, where they undergo corruption, and die.. However, out of this decadence sprouts the seedling, the future plant. The seedling is of greater value and capable of greater produce than the single seed that was sown. In the seed we see a replica of the human life. Without renouncement, mortification and reformation, we cannot live a fulfilled and productive life. Without the cross we cannot achieve perfection.

As the way of Salvation passes by the way of the Cross; we cannot claim to love Jesus and then disdain the cross. To partake in the life of Christ, we must be ready to share in His suffering and death. Like the seed, we must be ready to let go of ourselves, our desires, and our will, surrendering them to that of our heavenly Father. We must learn the wisdom of God in what humans consider as foolish; we must learn to bring virtues out of the corruption of the world. In the face of frustration and annoyance, we must learn patience; in the face of grave offense, we must forgive; in the face of hatred and disdain, we must show love; in the face of despair, we must keep hope alive in God.

By bringing out virtues out of the circumstances around us and learning to recognize and bear our cross in every situation we find ourselves, we renounce our human nature and its desires. Each time we recognize and accept the virtues contained in our situations, we are bearing our cross. The more the Spirit of God triumphs in our life, the more we partake and share in Christ’s suffering and death, which is the way to salvation. Our crosses are largely products of our daily life; in our workplace, in our homes, in the church, in our schools, on the playgrounds, in the marketplace, these are all roads that can lead us to salvation. Our duty is to recognize the crosses we are called to bear in these places and pray for the grace to bear them and follow Jesus.

Prayer: Lord grant me divine wisdom, to learn and accept the virtues you teach me each day and give me the grace and strength to follow your path. Amen

KNOW YOUR FAITH: YOUCAT 102 – Why are we too supposed to accept suffering in our lives and thus “take up our cross” and thereby follow Jesus?

Christians should not seek suffering, but when they are confronted with unavoidable suffering, it can become meaningful for them if they unite their sufferings with the sufferings of Christ… Christians have the task of alleviating suffering in the world. Nevertheless, there will still be suffering. In faith we can accept our own suffering and share the suffering of others. In this way human suffering becomes united with the redeeming love of Christ and thus part of the divine power that changes the world for the better.

Hide a Treasure: “My son, if you have decided to serve the Lord, prepare yourself for trials. Keep your heart upright and remain resolute; do not be upset in the time of adversity.” Sirach 2:1-2 CCB

Today’s Readings: Deuteronomy 4:32-40; Psalm 77:12-16. 21; Matthew 16:24-28


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