Tuesday 15th September – Memorial of Our Lady of Sorrows    

Reflection: Luke 2:33-35


Mary our Mother is a model of faith and a woman set apart by God for a special mission. Though full of grace, she was fully human and shared in the sufferings of her Son, thus playing her own role in our redemption. She was privileged to carry the incarnate word in her womb, yet she had to endure the agony of seeing her son suffer grievously and die shamefully despite his innocence.

The Prophecy of Simeon in today’s gospel reading sheds light on some of the recent happenings in today’s world; a world that often stands in opposition to the truth. Christ has truly become a sign of contradiction not only in the ancient Jewish world but even today. Our Mother Mary is also a part of this sign for by her cooperation with her destined path with her words; “be it done to me according to your words”, she embraced both the joys and suffering of her calling. What then do you have to say about your Christian life? Is it all easy? Certainly not! St Paul tells us: “Take your part in suffering, as a loyal soldier of Christ Jesus.”(2 Timothy 2:3). Opposition and ordeals will come to us but we must learn from our Mother to be patient in difficult times. We must find the true consolation that comes from the Holy Spirit who possessed Mary and lavished her with infinite grace.

For every cross we have to carry for the sake of Christ, there is a much greater grace available for us to withstand its effect. Let us therefore not be ignorant of our part of the suffering for the sake of our salvation and the salvation of others. Instead, let us be encouraged by our victory which our Lord Jesus has already won through the shedding of his blood on the cross.

PRAYER: Lord Jesus, grant me victory in temptation, comfort in the sorrows of life and the grace to hold on to you in all things. Our Lady of Sorrows, pray for us to God that his word may abide in us just as it found a fertile ground in you. Amen.

KNOW YOUR FAITH: YOUCAT 117- How could the Holy Spirit work in, with and through Mary?

Mary was totally responsive and open to God. Thus, she was able to become the “Mother of God” through the working of the Holy Spirit –and as Christ’s Mother to become also the Mother of Christians, indeed, the Mother of all mankind… Strenghtened by the Holy Spirit, she went with Jesus through thick and thin, even to the foot of the Cross. There Jesus gave her to us as our Mother.

HIDE A TREASURE: “My dear children! Once again, just like a mother in childbirth, I feel the same kind of pain for you until Christ’s nature is formed in you.” Galatians 4:19 GNB

Today’s readings: 1 Tim 3:1-13; Ps 110:1-3, 5-6; Luke 2:33-35



  1. Please this site is sometimes not up to date as I expect to see new reflections on a daily basis. The site was designed to nourish our souls. Kindly ensure that it is updated daily. Thanks for your cooperation and may God continue to be our guide. Amen.

    • Dear Francis,
      Thanks a lot for your observation. We apologise for the days the reflections have been uploaded late or even totally missed. These are not intentional omissions. We are happy to know that you find the daily reflections useful and we will make efforts to ensure that the reflections are up to date always. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Please do keep checking up the reflections and sharing with your friends. God bless you.

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