Tuesday 20th October- Tuesday of week 29 0f the year

Reflection: Romans 5:12, 15, 17-21


Do you believe that what you do today can affect your tomorrow? Or better still do you know that your deeds of today are like seeds that will germinate in the future? Your answer to these questions will determine how well informed you are on the generational effects of your actions. Everyone has a history and that history might eventually determine his or her present living except something is done to change that. Today we are told that death passed unto all men because of the sin of one man- Adam. How is this possible? It is simply because our actions or inactions as human beings are like sound waves that can re-echo into the future. So Adam’s sin brought about death to all of humanity and creation. Hence, it is evident that the kind of life we live today can either live a good legacy or otherwise for our posterity.

We also have in today’s account that because of Christ’s obedience, life have equally passed to all men. Now this sounds like a game isn’t it? But it’s true. The sacrifice of Christ Jesus when rightly appropriated in our individual lives can set us free from every bad generational seeds that may be at work against our God-given destiny. So let’s go on in faith and harness the fruits of Calvary for our benefits. Let us also remember that everything we do each day speaks into the future. May the Lord grant us grace to so good seeds every time and everywhere. Amen.   

PRAYER: Father give me the grace to sow good seeds in my present day, also I ask that you break the power of any evil seed sown by my fore fathers that may affecting me. Amen.

KNOW YOUR FAITH: CCC 2087 – “Our moral life has its source in faith in God who reveals his love to us. St. Paul speaks of the “obedience of faith” as our first obligation. He shows that “ignorance of God” is the principle and explanation of all moral deviations. Our duty toward God is to believe in him and to bear witness to him.”

HIDE A TREASURE:  “There is no condemnation now for those who live in union with Christ Jesus” Romans 8: 1 GNB

Today’s Readings: Rom 5:12, 15, 17-21; Ps.40:7-10, 17; Lk.12:35-38


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