Thursday 5th November – Thursday of week 31 of the year

Reflection: Romans 14: 7-12


Take a moment to look at yourself in a mirror. A quick observation of your clothes will bring to your awareness the truth that man was created for community. Your clothes were designed by people you do not know and bought at a store with a different owner altogether. In the same way, your food is farmed by a group of people, processed by another group, stored and sold by another group. Hence, you cannot on your own, provide all your day-to-day needs. We all are interdependent on one another and St Paul reminds us of this truth in today’s first reading.

Indeed, our lives and death have profound influence on others. Your words, actions, attitudes and inactions have an effect on the lives of those around you and all that you do leaves a footprint in the sand of their lives. What kind of footprints are you leaving behind you? What effect does your daily encounter with people have on them? The Pharisees and scribes in today’s gospel reading looked down upon “sinners” and considered it inappropriate to have any dealings with them. Little did they know that God loves everyone and seeks the repentance of the sinner. They failed to understand that God wanted them to be instruments in his hands to reach out to sinners in love.

Beloved, does your relationship with others leave them with an experience of God’s love and mercy? That is exactly what we are called to do. Rather than being impatient with others and passing judgement on them, let us extend our hands to them, leaving in their hearts footprints of love, affection, gentility and patience. As we do this, we allow ourselves to participate actively in Christ’s work of redemption as we truly live not just for ourselves, but for our brethren.

PRAYER: Thank you Lord for the love and mercy you have shown me. Please help me to share this love and mercy with those I meet every day. Amen.

KNOW YOUR FAITH: YOUCAT 321 – Can a Christian be a radical individualist?

No, a Christian can never be a radical individualist, because man is by nature designed for fellowship.

HIDE A TREASURE: “If we live, it is for the Lord that we live, and if we die, it is for the Lord that we die. So whether we live or die, we belong to the Lord” Romans 14:8 RSV-CE

Today’s Readings: Romans 14: 7-12; Psalm 27: 1,4, 13-14; Luke 15: 1-10


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