Have you ever done business before? How was it? I’m sure your answer would be positive if you made good profit out of it. There is a special gift or talent that God has given you, it could manifest in various ways. It could be in crafts, science, eloquence, planning, writing, helping people, etc. They are so numerous to mention. God has blessed us with so many abilities so that we may be able to advance His kingdom here on earth.

Many at times, we just sit down idle and doing nothing, whereas deep within us is a reservoir of untapped talents and resources. We may wish that we had some mighty ability to do great things in life but even the little one we have we sometime ignore, simply because we are envying those that have made ‘great impacts’ in the world. Beloved, you don’t need to have it all before you begin doing something with what God has given you. Your talents are your natural endowment and it is more precious than any gold or silver, in fact it is a stepping stone to greatness.

So what do you do now? You can take a day off to have a personal retreat, wherein you examine your life. It is in this self-examination aided by the Holy Spirit that we come to a full realization of all the blessings that God has providentially endowed us with. One you have discovered them, then get to work with it. Use it for the good of men and the advancement of the kingdom of God. This is ‘real investment’ in the kingdom of God.

PRAYER: O Father, you have blessed me numerous riches, help me this day to discover them, and give me the grace to put it to work for the good of men your glory. Amen.

KNOW YOUR FAITH: CCC 1890: “There is a certain resemblance between the unity of the divine persons and the fraternity that men ought to establish among themselves.”

HIDE A TREASURE: “He fills my life with good things, so that I stay young and strong like an eagle.” Psalm 103:5 (GNB)

READINGS FOR TODAY: 2Macc.7:1,20-31; Ps.17:5-6,8,15; Lk.19:11-28


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