Monday 4th January – Monday after Epiphany Sunday

Reflection: 1 John 3: 22-4:6


As we continue to bask in the euphoria of the New Year celebration, we undoubtedly have some important expectations and aspirations for the year. While some of these might be unmet goals of previous year(s), others are most likely fresh pursuits for the New Year. Along with these also come unanticipated needs and challenges that we cannot but confront. In all these, we would definitely agree that the best of our efforts as humans does not always furnish us with solution or victory over life’s challenges or pursuits. These, experience must have thought us.

It is for this, amongst other important reasons that man needs Divine aid if he is to successfully and joyfully forge ahead in life. This Divine leverage is readily available to us when we faithfully commit all about us to God in prayers. Today’s first reading  goes to assure us on this – “ whatever we ask God, we shall receive, because we keep his commandments and live the kind of life that he wants” ( 1John 3:22).

Dearest in Christ, perhaps you and I have at different times complained of not getting answers to our prayers, today’s first reading call us to examine ourselves to see if we are keeping God’s commandments and living the Kind of life that He wants. We need to guard against a common error of our time when many try to substitute prayer for righteous living and sacrifice for obedience. All these we ought to strive after without the exclusion of any. Our loving Father who has called us to Himself in love is more than able to meet our needs and grant us abundant testimonies as we faithfully abide in Him and call upon Him in Prayers.

PRAYER- Please show me Your loving kindness Father, and grant answers to my prayers for in You I repose my trust. Amen.

KNOW YOUR FAITH – YOUCAT 471: Why is Abraham a model of prayer?

Abraham listened to God. He was willing to set out for wherever God commanded and to do what God willed. By his listening and his readiness to make a new start, he is a model for our prayer.

HIDE A TREASURE – “And we receive from him whatever we ask, because we keep his commandments and do what pleases him.” 1 John 3:22 RSV-CE

Today’s Readings – 1 John 3: 22-4:6; Psalm 2: 7-8, 10-11; Matthew 4: 12-17, 23-25


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