Friday 5th February – Friday of week 4 of the year

Reflection: Ecclesiaticus 47: 2-11


As long as I can remember, my mum would sneak into her boys’ room on cold nights to lay a blanket over anyone (especially me); who would usually sleep without one. The sudden warmness from this blanket would awaken me; to find my mum busy with keeping her children warm. I am well over sixteen now, yet she has not grown tired of this simple act; which only recently I began to appreciate when far away from home on those cold rainy nights. Pampering me has become for her more than a duty, but a reflex of love. My mom never got me the Play Station most of my friends got (in fact she disallowed video games) and she seriously restricted the amounts of sweets I took as a child (a discipline I now appreciate).

This is a model for Christianity; a model that made David so special to God. David was dedicated out of love to pleasing God in his songs of praise and worship. His love for his maker made him so dear to God’s heart; his many sins were forgiven him and the God he loved so much exalted him.

Beloved of God; living the Christ-like life of charity and mercy would too soon become unbearable and stale outside love. Obeying every law in the books, praying and fasting all year long, winning a million and one debates to uphold the doctrines of the Church and giving out your entire salary; if not done out of love is as ‘pouring water into a basket’. If you would remain a Christian; it can only be out of love for God and His creatures. Indeed it is only deeds done out of love than can stand the test of time and can endure through difficult situations.

PRAYER: Sweet Jesus, teach me to follow you out of pure love.  Help me repay your perfect love for me with true love from my imperfect heart. Amen.

KNOW YOUR FAITH: YOUCAT 485 – Why should we adore God?

Every person who understands that he is God’s creature will humbly recognize the Almighty and adore him. Christian adoration, however, sees not only the greatness, omnipotence, and holiness of God. It also kneels before the divine Love that became man in Jesus Christ.


HIDE A TREASURE: “Thus will your faith be tested, like gold in a furnace. Gold, however, passes away but faith, worth so much more, will bring you in the end praise, glory and honor when Jesus Christ appears. You have not yet seen him and yet you love him; even without seeing him, you believe in him and experience a heavenly joy beyond all words, for you are reaching the goal of your faith: the salvation of your souls.” 1 Peter 1: 7-9 RSV-CE


Today’s Readings: Ecclesiaticus 47: 2-13; Psalm 17: 31 47, 50-51; Mark 6: 14-29.


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