Saturday 6th June – Saturday of week 9 in Ordinary Time

Reflection: Tobit 12: 1, 5-15, 20


“As water extinguishes the burning flames, almsgiving obtains pardon for sins. The man who responds by doing good prepares for the future, at the moment of his downfall he will find support” Sirach 3:30-31

Tobit was not only addressed by his kinsmen as a ‘good and worthy man, an honest man who is just and compassionate’ (Tobit 7:6, 9:6), but also by God who took notice of all his works of mercy in burying the dead and alms giving. For this reason, God sent the Angel Raphael in human form to deliver him in his time of need.  This shows that the reward of the just is truly with the Lord and that at the moment of their downfall, the Lord will support them. Ultimately, the Lord will reward the righteous with the beatific vision at the end of his sojourn on earth.

Dear friends, the exemplary life of Tobit is a model for us to follow. Give alms from what you have and do not give grudgingly but rather cheerfully. Do not turn your face from anyone who is poor so that God may not turn away His face from you. Give alms in proportion to the amount you have; if you have little, do not be afraid to give alms according to the little you have. The poor widow in our gospel today gave from all she had to live on and the Lord acknowledged her. In giving alms, we store up treasure against the day of tribulation, because almsgiving frees us from death and it is a form of atonement for our sins (Tobit 12:9). It is a precious treasure in the sight of God. Give to the poor and your neighbors in need; give to God His due (tithe) and give to His ministers and to your family members.

Beloved in Christ, a good name is better than gold or silver. Let us strive to live for the glory of God that we may be successful in all that we do.

Prayer: Lord, help me to daily strive to live a blessed life and make me understand that it is only in giving that I can receive.

KNOW YOUR FAITH: CCC 2443 – God blesses those who come to the aid of the poor and rebukes those who turn away from them: “Give to Him who begs from you, do not refuse him who would borrow from you;” “you received without pay, give without pay.” It is by what they have done for the poor that Jesus Christ will recognize his chosen ones.

Hide a Treasure: “Always remember the Lord our God. Do not consent to sin or go against His commandments. Act justly all the days of your life, and do not walk in the paths of wrongdoing, for, if you act uprightly, you will be successful in all you do.” Tobit 4:5-6 CCB

Today’s Readings: Tobit 12:1,5-15,20; Tobit 13:2, 6-8 (canticle);  Mark 12:38-44