Tuesday, 11th August- Memorial of St. Claire, Virgin


Mt 18:1-5.10.12-14

A childlike heart is a Christlike heart. A heart that is innocent, without deceit, forgives easily and exhibits simplicity and credulity. A heart that finds it easy to trust, that embraces its weakness; one that is not worried about the future and totally depends on parents for all needs. Would it not be of great happiness to relate with a childlike heart in our relationship with God and people around us? To relate with the heart of a child it is of great importance that we possess certain qualities, one of those qualities include humility which was not exhibited by the apostles in the gospel of Matthew (18:1-5). Christ made us understand that who and what we are while on earth does not change the fact that to be great in the kingdom of heaven we have to be like children. We are to live our lives without comparing it to that of others and avoid unnecessary rivalry, competition for power and greatness.

It is true that the world defines greatness as a possession by someone or something of eminence. However, Christ has a different definition for greatness as in the gospel of Matthew “the greatest in the Kingdom of heaven is the one who humbles himself and becomes like this child” (Mt 18:4). This is the definition of true greatness. As sons and daughters of God we are to follow God’s definition and not that of the world. It should however be noted that to be like a child does not require us to behave with immaturity. Let us then dear friends, lay aside our quest for the kind of greatness that the world has to offer and make ourselves humble just like a child before God that we might be the greatest in the Kingdom of heaven.

I do not want to be known for winning the game, I want to be remembered for how I played it.     –Abbie St. Claire.

PRAYER: Enlighten my mind that I may have a childlike heart. Help me to trust you as my father.

KNOW YOUR FAITH: YOUCAT 89To whom does Jesus promise “the kingdom of God”?

God wills “all men to be saved and to come to the knowldge of the truth”(1Tim 2:4). The “kingdom of God” begins in those who allow themselves to be transformed by God’s love. In Jesus’ experience these are above all the poor and the lowly.

HIDE A TREASURE: “May my words and my thoughts be acceptable to you, O Lord, my refuge and my redeemer!” Psalm 19:4

Today’s Readings: Deut 31:1-8; Deut 32:3-4.7-9; Mt 18:1-5.10.12-14


Thursday 2nd October – Memorial of the Holy Guardian Angels

Reflection: Matthew 18: 1-5, 10


Humility is a principal virtue and is indispensable in our Christian journey. Christ says today that “whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven”. The simplicity and humility of a child is what Christ calls you and I to take up. Humility enables us to see everybody as one in Christ without discriminating. It deepens our love for one another as Christ has commanded. Humility also helps us to accept our faults and make effort to amend them.

The Lord resists the proud but raises up the humble. As humans, there is a tendency for us to be proud and to think big of ourselves. Let us look to our Lord Jesus as an example of humility; He humbled himself to become man and to die on the cross for the redemption of you and I. Let us therefore look deep into ourselves today and make a decision against every spirit of pride. We should rather in all humility extend love to everyone.

PRAYER: Lord, please take out of me every seed of pride and grant me the grace of humility. Amen.

KNOW YOUR FAITH: YOUCAT 85 – Why is Mary our mother also?

Mary is our mother because Christ the Lord gave her to us as a mother.

“Woman, behold, your son!. . . Behold, your mother!” (Jn 19:26b-27a). The second command, which Jesus spoke from the Cross to John, has always been understood by the Church as an act of entrusting the whole Church to Mary. Thus Mary is our mother, too. We may call upon her and ask her to intercede with God.

HIDE A TREASURE: “Whoever humbles himself like this little child, he is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 18: 4 RSV-CE

Readings for Today: Job 19: 21-27; Psalm 27: 7-9, 13-14; Matthew 18:1-5,10