Thursday 2nd March – Thursday after Ash Wednesday

Reflection: Deuteronomy 30: 15-20


The theme of “choice” is one that we hear about so often, especially as young people. We are constantly reminded that the choices we make daily have a lasting effect on our lives, sometimes a more lasting effect than we may realize. Hence, we can identify with the Israelites whom Moses’ words in today’s reading were directed to as he called on them to make a choice of obeying God’s commandment.

What if they decided to sit on the fence and make no definite choice? What if they did not want to feel out of place amongst the other nations? what if they wanted a sense of belonging and acceptance and decided not to single themselves out as God’s children? That is the dilemma we often encounter as young people…we don’t necessarily want to be disobedient or “bad” but we do not want to be singled out as being Christian either. Unfortunately, our human heart does not work that way. Our human heart is not good at sitting on the fence.

We are wired in such a way that we either cling to God and get serious about living for Him or we drift away with the world around us. Indeed, the tide of evil is so strong that we cannot oppose it without a firm grip on Christ, the anchor of our souls. We are called to constantly watch our hearts lest we get drawn into thinking like the world and Lent gives us a wonderful opportunity to do just that. It gives us the right atmosphere to go into ourselves, examine our hearts for ways in which we are beginning to drift away from God and to return to Him with confidence in His great love and mercy.

Prayer: Lord, I place myself before you, search me and cleanse me from all worldly ways and help me to keep my heart in check always.

Faith Pearls: YOUCAT 232 – What must I bring to a confession?

Essential elements of every confession are an examination of conscience, contrition, a purpose of amendment, confession, and penance.

Hide a Treasure: “Keep your heart with all vigilance; for from it flow the springs of life.” Proverbs 4:23 RSV-CE

Today’s Readings: Deut 30: 15-20; Ps 1:1-6; Lk 9: 22-25