Saturday 10th October – Saturday of week 27 of the year

Reflection: Luke 11: 27-28


Each time we are confronted with the truth, it has an effect on us; we may acknowledge it, ignore it or oppose it. If we claim to acknowledge it without a concurrent effort to apply it to our lives, then we have actually ignored it. In the same way, each time we hear God’s word, we are confronted with the truth and are invited to model our lives on it. Hence, Jesus answers the woman in today’s gospel reading: “Still happier those who hear the word of God and keep it!” (Luke 11:28).

Each time we are confronted with God’s word, the parable of the sower plays out again (Luke 8: 4-15). What kind of soil are you? Do you allow the devil to steal the word from your heart or the cares of this world to choke it out? Do you allow the word to grow deep roots in you or is your faith superficial? The good soil are those who hear the word of God, hold it fast in an honest and good heart and bring forth fruit with patience (Lk 8:15).

As you hear God’s word each day, ask yourself, “in what way does this word apply to me?” “What message is God directing at me today?” Jesus’ response to the woman shows that his mother was not blessed just because of the physical contact he had with her. Rather, she was blessed because she heard God’s word and kept it. Dear friend, make a commitment to keeping what you hear and you will experience the blessings the Lord has in store for you.

PRAYER: Thank you dear Lord for the gift of your word. Please help me to accept it with faith and joyfully live it out always. Amen.

KNOW YOUR FAITH: CCC 2706 – To meditate on what we read helps us to make it our own by confronting it with ourselves. Here, another book is opened: the book of life. We pass from thoughts to reality. To the extent that we are humble and faithful, we discover in meditation the movements that stir the heart and we are able to discern them. it is a question of acting truthfully in order to come into the light: “Lord, what do you want me to do?”

HIDE A TREASURE: “Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and keep it!” Luke 11:28 RSV-CE

Today’s Readings: Joel 4:12-21; Psalm 97: 1-6, 11-12; Luke 11: 27-28


Wednesday 2nd September- Wednesday of week 22 of the year


LUKE 4:38-44

The “Good News” is a term we are all familiar with. Yet, have you really taken time to ponder on the meaning of those words? This phrase which appears in various places in scripture, explains fully what the whole message of our salvation is about. In today’s gospel reading, we see Jesus being so keen and zealous about preaching the Good News. The people tried to tie Him down and restrict Him but He resisted saying “I must preach the Good News about the Kingdom of God in other towns also, because that is what God sent me to do.” (Lk 4:43). Christ was committed to his ministry, this is the kind of commitment we are to have towards the work that God has assigned us to do here on earth. We are all called to preach the Good News. We are called to be “living Bibles’ that others can read.

Have you really experienced the goodness of the “News”? The Good News is the word of God and it indeed brings us good tidings. If we are not really experiencing this goodness we must then retreat and check if it is truly the “Good News” that we claim to believe. Or are we “unbelieving” believers? Believing in God’s word is all we need to be partakers of the “goodness” in the “news”. Preaching the Good News does not only involve the use of our mouths but also our action, acts done in love, just like Jesus healed all the sick persons that were brought to Him. That’s exactly what makes the “News” good – words backed by good works.

PRAYER: Father, let me not just be a preacher of the Word, let my whole life reflect the goodness of your Word. Amen.

KNOW YOUR FAITH: CCC  571: “ The Paschal mystery of Christ’s cross and Resurrection stands at the center of the Good News that the apostles, and the Church following them, are to proclaim to the world.”

HIDE A TREASURE: “And my teaching and message were not delivered with skillful words of human wisdom, but with convincing proof of the power of God’s Spirit.” 1 Corinthians 2:4

Today’s readings: Col.1:1-8; Ps.52:10-11; Lk.4:38-44.