Friday 15th January – Friday of week 1 of the year                                             

Reflection: 1 Samuel 8:4-7, 10-22               


“We want a king, so that we in our turn can be like the other nations.” This was the request of the Israelites today as they rejected God declaring: “our (new) king shall rule us and be our leader and fight our battles.” Most times we ourselves utter these words and reject the living God, we choose other gods – money, self-indulgence, pride, etc. to rule in us and lead us – because we are in darkness and our eyes have been blinded  (2 Cor. 4:3-4) from seeing the light of the gospel in Christ Jesus (John 1:4-5).

The consequences of such acts of rejection or of not seeing what God is doing are contained in the first reading of today (1 Samuel 8:10-22). Let us pray today like St. Paul that ‘may the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ enlighten the eyes of our minds, so that we can see what hope His call holds for us’ and so we may exclaim just like the Jews that we have never seen anything like this and declare like the Psalmist: “O Lord, who are the glory of my strength, by your favour our might is exalted.” Amen

PRAYER: Open the eyes of my heart, oh Lord, let me see and know You more. Amen. (Ephesians 1:17-20)

KNOW YOUR FAITH: CCC 277: God shows forth his almighty power by converting us from our sins and restoring us to his friendship by grace. “God, you show your almighty power above all in your mercy and forgiveness…”

HIDE A TREASURE: “For He has made known to us in all wisdom and insight, the mystery of His will, according to His purpose which He sets forth in Christ as a plan for the fullness of time”. Ephesians 1:9-10a RSV-CE

Today’s Readings: 1 Samuel 8: 4-7, 10-22; Psalm 89: 16-19; Mk 2: 1-12


Monday 3rd August- Monday of week 18 of the year


Matthew 14:13-21

Chioma was to resume at the University in about a month and she barely had any of the materials needed for school including her tuition, having lost both parents a year earlier. The only caring family she had was her old grandmother who tried everything in her power to fulfil all Chioma’s desires. All Chioma could think of doing was to draw closer to God, trusting that in his prsence all her needs would be supplied for He exceptionally cares for her. Just a week to resumption, she got a scholarship from the University board of trustees to fund her tuition throughout her stay in the institution.

Dear friends, just like Chioma, the people in today’s gospel reading (Mt 14:13-21) followed Jesus all the way trusting that their needs would be granted and indeed He supplied them with both physical and spiritual nourishment. Unlike the people in the gospel reading, the Isrealites in the book of Numbers failed to realise they had a God of providence who would not let his people die of starvation. Their lack of trust made them complain against God and Moses. We are often guilty of this too. We grumble about so many things when all we need to do is to hand over our concerns to the Lord and follow Him all the way. Let us learn to put ourselves beneath the God’s throne of mercy and grace for He tenderly cares for us, all we need do is sweetly rely on him.

Cast on Him your heavy burden

For He surely cares for you;

Sweetly now, rely upon Him

Tenderly He cares for you.

PRAYER: Lord Jesus, teach me to understand how much you care for me that I may always put my trust in you. Amen.

KNOW YOUR FAITH: YOUCAT 50What role does man play in God’s providence?

The completion of creation through divine providence is not something that happens above and beyond us. God invites us to collaborate in the completion of creation.

HIDE A TREASURE: “Leave all your worries with Him because He cares for you.” 1 Peter 5:7 GNB

Today’s readings: Num 11:4-15; Ps 81:12-17; Mt 14:13-21