Thursday 1st October – Solemnity of Our Lady Queen & Patroness of Nigeria

Reflection: Isaiah 11:1-10


The land will be as full of knowledge of the Lord as the seas are full of water” Isaiah 11:9

Today’s first reading gives us an inkling to what would become of our nation when we have godly leaders. Christ Jesus during his earthly ministry had respect for civil authority. He’s answer to the religious leaders who wanted to test him: “Well, then, pay to the Emperor what belongs to the Emperor, and pay to God what belongs to God” (Mark 12:17) shows clearly that He knew the importance of leadership and intended that His followers fulfil their civil responsibilities without compromising or neglecting their relationship with God.

Beloved, until a new branch sprouts from a good stump, the vital needs of the people would not be addressed by our leaders (Isaiah 11:1-5). A new nation would be born only when all strive to overcome evil with good, pray earnestly and for and elect leaders who have the fear of God. However for this new nation to emerge it begins with each of us in our various avenues of leadership; bearing in mind that leaders are a product of their people. Do we desire change in our leaders without making any effort to actualize this in our own lives? What are we doing to let the peace of Christ reign in our lives and in our relationship with others?

Christ beckons on us today to intensify our commitment to Him. He alone can bring lasting peace to our nation and our world. When our nation is conquered for Christ, its inhabitants will be virtuous and godly; our leaders will uphold truth and justice and peace will reign in our land. We must work earnestly to fill the land with the knowledge of God by our prayers and lively witness to our faith at every level of leadership we find ourselves.

Peace be with our country. Mother Mary, patroness of Nigeria, intercede for us always; Amen.

PRAYER: Lord Jesus, the hearts of kings are in your hands. Please touch our hearts and those of our leaders and grant that your peace may flow through them. Amen.

KNOW YOUR FAITH: YOUCAT 440 – Are Christians obliged to become involved in politics and soceity?

It is a special duty of the Christian- Laity people to become involved in politics, society, and commerce in the spirit of the Gospel: in charity, truth, and justice. Partisan political activity is, however, incompatible with the ministry of bishops,- priests, and religious, who must be of service to everyone.

HIDE A TREASURE: “Because everyone will do what is right, there will be peace and security forever. God’s people will be free from worries, and their homes peaceful and safe”. Isaiah 32:17-18 GNB

Today’s readings: Isaiah 11:1-10; Ps 72:1-2, 7-8, 12-13, 17; Eph 2:13-22; Matt 2:13-15.19-23


Tuesday 17th March – Feast of St Patrick, Bishop & Secondary Patron of Nigeria

Reflection: 1 Peter 4:7-11


Today we celebrate St Patrick who is the Secondary Patron of Nigeria, with Our Lady as the Principal Patroness. Each time we celebrate the lives of Saints, Christ calls us as young people to lead lives that would make Nigeria a better place to live in. The saints made a difference in their environments because of their commitment to God and we too are called to make a difference for Christ in our dear country.

Do you have gifts or talents? God urges you through St Peter to use every God-given gift for the good of others. In what ways are you using your talents to bless other Nigerians? Our country has suffered from deep rooted corruption for decades; corruption that has cost us growth, development, good quality of life and basic social infrastructure. Corruption stems from nothing but greed and greed can only occur in the absence of love.

Everyone seems to speak ill of our country. Nigerians are disappointed with the leaders and there doesn’t seem to be a solution in sight. Dear friend, you are called to be holy. To be holy means to be “set apart”. You cannot afford to sit still and complain. Rise up and make a difference in your own corner. God tells you and me: “Never let your love for each other grow insincere, since love covers over many a sin.” Seek to grow in sincere love for God and for your neighbour. Fight against every form of greed in your life and use your gifts, talents and ability to make a difference. Only then would you be living up to your Christian calling as a Nigerian.

PRAYER: Dear Lord, through the intercession of St. Patrick, bless Nigeria and make us better youth. Amen.

KNOW YOUR FAITH: YOUCAT 328 What can the individual contribute to the common good?

Working for the common good means assuming responsibility for others. The common good must be the business of everyone. This happens first of all when men get involved in their particular surroundings—family, neighborhood, workplace—and take responsibility. It is important also to exercise social and political responsibility.

HIDE A TREASURE: “Above everything, love one another earnestly, because love covers over many sins” 1 Peter 4:8 RSV-CE

Today’s Readings: 1 Peter 4:7-11; Psalm 96:1-3, 7-10; Luke 5:1-11