Tuesday 2nd June– Tuesday of week 9 in Ordinary Time (SS Marcellinus and Peter, Martyrs)

Reflection: Mark 12:13-17


“Thoughtless words leave lasting wounds”, someone once said. Many have paid heavily and many continue to pay direly for words uttered without proper thought. Moreover, there are people who deliberately look for avenue to trap others from their utterances in their inordinate desire to plot their down fall. So, all need to be careful in what we say; however, there will be instances when, relying on our human reasoning alone, we might be caught off guard on how best to respond to situations.

The Gospel of today presents us with an account of a trying situation whereby the chief priests and the scribes were trying to trap our Blessed Saviour in His words. He however, answered them in a way that left them surprised and dumbfounded. This is nothing but Divine wisdom at play! Our Lord Jesus Christ has the fullness of the Holy Spirit in Him (Luke 2: 40; Luke 4:1) and it is the Holy Spirit that inspires us to speak rightly. Beloved in Christ, how well do you depend on or how docile are you to the leadings of the Holy Spirit in what you say and do?

As ambassadors of Christ, we cannot afford to be careless with words. Many will ask us probing questions on our faith, morality and life in general. We certainly need more than our human ingenuity; we need the guidance of the Holy spirit to answer rightly in a manner that dignify our King and the kingdom we represent here on earth. We have the assurance of our Lord’s help at such crucial times (Luke 12: 11-12).
However, this can only become a reality if we treasure and protect our relationship with the Holy spirit by obedience and docility to Him. Let us rededicate ourselves to the leading of God that his light may better shine through us.

PRAYER: Mother Mary- Seat of wisdom, please intercede for me that I may be docile to the Holy Spirit as you were and always guided by His wisdom. Amen.

KNOW YOUR FAITH: CCC 1831– The seven gifts of the Holy Spirit are wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety and fear of the Lord. They belong in their fullness to Christ, Son of David…They make the faithful docile in readily obeying divine inspirations.

Hide a Treasure: “For we all make many mistakes, and if anyone makes no mistakes in what he says he is a perfect man, able to bridle the whole body also” James 3:2 RSV-CE

Today’s Readings: Tobit 2:9-14; Psalm 112:1b-2, 7-9; Mark 12:13-17.



Saturday 30th May – Saturday of week 8 of the year

Reflection: Sirach 51:12-20


To get wisdom is better than gold; to get understanding is to be chosen rather than silver” Proverbs 16:16

Each day of our life presents us with a myriad of choices. As soon as we wake, we have the choice either to rise up and start the day in thanksgiving or to lie in bed and complain that the night has been too short. All our words, attitudes and actions are a function of the choices we make. Bearing in mind that all our daily choices have consequences, the need for wisdom cannot be overemphasised.

Our first reading recounts the efforts the author made in his quest for wisdom. Such efforts included: ceaseless prayer, humility, hard work and perseverance. You and I need wisdom, especially as we make important life decisions as young people. Yet, we must be weary of embracing the wisdom of this world which is often contrary to the wisdom of God and will not lead us to live out our Christian call effectively.

Dear friends, let us ask the Lord each day for wisdom and open our hearts to the various ways through which He desires to teach us…through His word, life experiences, our parents and teachers and through other people around us. Let us be guided by His wisdom and we will find joy and fulfilment in life ultimately.

PRAYER: Dear Lord, please grant me your wisdom so that I can make choices that please you always. Amen.

KNOW YOUR FAITH: YOUCAT 310What are the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit?

The seven gifts of the Holy Spirit are wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety, and fear of the Lord. With these the Holy Spirit “endows” Christians, in other words, he grants them particular powers that go beyond their natural aptitudes and gives them the opportunity to become God’s special instruments in this world.

HIDE A TREASURE: “But the wisdom from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, open to reason, full of mercy and good fruits, without uncertainty or insincerity” James 3:17 RSV-CE

Today’s Readings: Sirach 51:12-20; Psalm 19: 8-11; Mark 11:27-33